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NIU D s - Alloy wheels are manufactured employing light alloy metal, and produced with strong attention to details. This wheel is available in three different size versions (16", 17", 18") and three different colors (Matt Black Polished, Matt Black and Matt Silver). The spokes are split in two, they arise from the concave center of the wheel: a sphere shaped dip, and reach the rim, spreading and diverging one from another. The surface except from the concave hub, remains flat, slightly curved, as the other models of the universal series.



NIU D with the fascinating concave center, the basic design and contemporary, minimal lines and Italian quality, catches the eye like no other alloy wheel can do.

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Click and view 360° Matt Black version

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ISO 9001 certified. 100% Italian design and production.

All NIU models are designed and manufactured in Italy with ISO 9001 certified process, to warrant a higher level of quality control.

Italy is synonymous with high quality products, leader in elegance and style of design, and is distinguished by the excellence of the materials employed and the skill of the professional production processes.

This value allows us to provide our customers with an alloy rim that summarizes all the best of Italian production and quality, fully deserving of the label “Made in Italy”.

High quality
Minimal design


Linear elegance. Central cap tone over tone.

Minimalism brings everything to its essential qualities to achieve simplicity. That’s why the design of NIU wheels focuses on the relations between perfect surfaces, elegant lines and a careful study of the blanks. An example it’s the refined central concavity of each NIU model.

Clean shapes and attention to every details go at the same pace, as revealed by the aesthetic particular of the central cap. Both the silver version and the black play tone-on-tone with the elements of the brand, alternating smooth and matt surfaces.


15% lighter than similar models. Optimized through FEM analysis.

Why lighter is better? A light rim results in a lower overall mass, increases performance and reduces fuel consumption. During braking, also provides a lower rolling resistance, improving safety.

Creating virtual prototypes reduces the time required to obtain the ideal wheel, allowing us to define optimized lines both in shape and weight, to apply quickly and effectively every changes and to improve the final result.

Light weight
Applied tech


H2 & EH2 + runflat rims. Optional mounting valve with gauge tire pressure. OEC versions compatible with the original cap.

NIU wheels are designed for mounting runflat tires. They have the EH2 + channel type indeed, with a particular profile that allows the tires not to go out of the rim (bead loosening) in case of sudden loss of pressure.

NIU wheels are designed to be fully compatible with the different systems of automatic tire pressure monitoring (TPMS) and with the European laws concerning road safety.

Each NIU model is available in OEC (Original Components Compatibility) version to apply the central cap of the wheel as mounted by the automaker.


UNIUM® aluminium alloy

UNIUM® alloy contains aluminium, silicon and manganese: it is injected into the mold using gravity technology. This process allows to reduce the residual stresses generated in the production phase which the rim is subjected. The result is an extremely strong and resilient wheel, yet lightweight.

Productive excellence
Sizes & applications


Sizes & Price

6.50J x 16 H2€ 184,00  
7.00J x 16 H2€ 187,00  
7.00J x 17 EH2+ Runflat€ 202,00  
8.00J x 17 EH2+ Runflat€ 212,00  
8.00J x 18 EH2+ Runflat€ 237,00  
9.00J x 18 EH2+ Runflat€ 242,00  

Prices include VAT


  • 5 holes (16”-17”-18”)