18 inch alloy wheels

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We have designed 18 inch car rims especially for AUDI (NIU Ingolstadt), Mercedes (NIU STUTTGART) , BMW (NIU Bayern) automobiles. For other car models, the UNIVERSAL series offers three 18 inch car rims: NIU M, NIU D, NIU Y. These wheels are designed with the Extended Hump EH2 channel for Runflat tire.
18 inch alloy wheels are used in several car types, usually they are applied on sedans or sport sedans, but several SUV owners choose 18" car rims for their vehicles.


18 inch version with 5 application holes

D series is manufactured employing light alloy metal, and produced with strong attention to details.

Light and durable

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18 inch version with 5 application holes

Application: Available with 4 application holes

Fifteen tapered and slender spokes are the distinctive characteristics of these series.

Elegance and simplicity

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18 inch version with 5 application holes

An intricate pattern of tapered and narrow spokes characterizes the NIU-Y series.

All NIU models are designed and manufactured in Italy with ISO 9001 certified process, to warrant a higher level of quality control.

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