17 inch alloy wheels

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Several car owners choose 17 inch alloy wheel for their car, since it is a size that can be used with various car models, usually sedans (saloon cars) and sport sedans, like Alfa Romeo Giulia and Giulietta or Volkwagen Golf. 17 inch wheels are for example used on Audi, Mercedes-Benz or BMW models as standard equipment, but also on SUV models like Volkswagen Tiguan or Touareg. Our UNIVERSAL wheels, suitable for every car models (NIU S, NIU M, NIU D, NIU Y) are available with a 17" diameter and 7" or 8" wide.
They are produced with a EH2+ profile (extended double hump +), it means that the rims have two humps for the bead, and are suitable for run-flat tyres. They are designed to support the car weight in case of a puncture, and to enable the vehicle to continue at reduced speeds for a limited distance (usually 80 km or 50 miles), so the driver can easily reach the closest tire dealer. Our car wheels are designed to apply air pressure gauges in the rims, thus the driver can be aware of a loss of pressure.

We produce four 17" wheels in the DEDICA series especially for specific cars, for Volkswagen cars we created NIU Wolfsburg, for Audi (NIU Ingolstadt), BMW (NIU Bayern) and Mercedes (NIU Stuttgart). Regarding the size of these rims: the Wolfsburg, Ingolstadt, and Stuttgart wheels are available with a 17" diameter and 7,5" wide. These three models are manufactured with H2 profile, but NIU Bayern (car rim for BMW) has an EH2+ profile for run-flat tyres, and it is 7 or 8 inches wide.


17 inch version - 4 or 5 application holes

Elegance, design, performance are the key-concepts that summarize the NIU S model.

Linear elegance, clean shapes and attention to every detail

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17 inch version - 5 application holes

D series is manufactured employing light alloy metal, and produced with strong attention to details.

Light and durable

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17 inch version - 3, 4 or 5 application holes

Application: Available with 3,4 or 5 application holes

Fifteen tapered and slender spokes are the distinctive characteristics of these series.

Elegance and simplicity

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17 inch version - 4 or 5 application holes

An intricate pattern of tapered and narrow spokes characterizes the NIU-Y series.

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