15 inch alloy wheels

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15 inch size versions of our NIU S and NIU M wheels are available. The NIU M wheel with its fifteen tapered and slender spokes can give a touch of elegance to every car. It is available with three, four or five application holes. The NIU S is also available with the same application holes (3,4,5). Both rims are designed and manufactured in Italy with ISO 9001 process.
15" wheels can be used in several car models. They are perfect for city cars like Fiat Punto, Panda 4x4 or Fiat 500, but they can also be suitable for bigger vehicles like sedans, saloons and mid-size cars, for example they can be also used on Audi A1. Two versions of our 15 inch wheels are available: 5.5 or 6.5 inch wide (for both NIU S and NIU M)


15 inch version - 3,4 or 5 application holes

Elegance, design, performance are the key-concepts that summarize the NIU S model.

Linear elegance, clean shapes and attention to every detail

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15 inch version - 3,4 or 5 application holes

Application: Available with 3,4 or 5 application holes

Fifteen tapered and slender spokes are the distinctive characteristics of these series.

Elegance and simplicity

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