14 inch alloy wheels

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The smallest size of our car rim is 14 inch (diameter), available for the NIU M: a wheel that, thanks to its linear and elegant design, adapts itself perfectly to several automobiles and it can improve considerably the elegance of every car. The 14 inch NIU M model is available with 4 application holes. Regarding the rim width, the 5 inch version of our wheel NIU M is also available.
14 inch wheels can be used on a wide range of cars: several city cars and subcompacts have them in their standard equipment. This size are often used on Fiat 500 or Fiat Panda. Our 14 inch wheels are available with H2 profile (double hump) and fit tubeless tires.


14 Inch - 4 application holes

Application: Available with 4 application holes

Fifteen tapered and slender spokes are the distinctive characteristics of these series.

Elegance and simplicity

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