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We have created two wheel tyres: one car rim that adapts itself to every car and one designed specifically for several car models. For Mercedes automobiles we developed a car rim that summarized the typical elegant attitude of these cars, we named this wheel NIU Stuttgart. We pay tribute to the quality of the Bavarian car industry with our alloy wheel NIU Bayern, designed specifically for BMW automobiles. For the owners of a Volkswagen car we propose our model NIU Wolfsburg (in the German city of Wolfburg Volkswagen has its headquarter), and for the owners of AUDI we created NIU Ingolstadt.
4 car rims are the UNIVERSAL Series (NIU S, NIU M, NIU D, NIUY)

Product quality

We are an alloy wheel producer with ISO 9001 certification: a quality management system that guarantee the quality of the production, with a particular attention to the needs of customers For our productive processes we use high quality aluminium alloy with silicon and manganese in order to manufacture a light and durable product. Employing aluminium alloy means more lightness, less density and more heat conduction, features that make a better driving experience.

Wheel profile

Our wheels are designed for tubeless tires, featuring H2 profile or EH2+ profile. These sequence of characters specify the number of humps, on the bead profile that prevent the tire from sliding off the rim. H2 means double hump (2 humps on the bead seat) and EH2+ means double extended hump (2 humps on the bead seat for run-flat tires. The humps prevent the "tire bead loosening" effect.

Run-flat version

Our alloy wheel NIU S, NIU M, NIU D, NIU Y, NIU Bayern and NIU Ingolstadt are also compatible with run-flat tyres, as they are also available with the EH2+ bead seat profile. In case of a puncture, these special tires don't flatten them selves under the weight of the car, but remain hard and resistant, thanks to the reinforced flank of the tire so they can support the vehicle. In case of an air pressure loss, run flat tires make the vehicle keep on going for several miles, maximum 80 km (50 miles) with a maximum speed of 80 km/h (50 mph). Having run flat tires on a car implicates not only the advantage of keeping on driving the car after a puncture, but also the fact that the car owner can spare the jack and the spare wheel. This means a general lightness. It is necessary to assemble a tire pressure gauge, so the driver can be aware of a sudden air pressure loss. Our wheels are, of course, suitable for it.

TPMS (Tyre Pressure monitoring system)

Our models are compatible with the tires pressure monitoring systems (TPMS): This measuring instruments reveal temperature and pressure inside the tire, process and send the data so they can be displayed on the dashboard.


We produce car rims that are especially light. In comparison with similar wheels in the marketplace or wheels are 15% lighter. Having light rims, it means reduce the unsprung mass (unsprung weight), that is the mass of the suspension + wheels + breaks + all other components directly connected to them. They are car components not supported by the suspension. A light unsprung mass implies a better automobile handling, especially during cornering and acceleration. It is clear that suspensions that have to support less weight are more reactive. Nevertheless, a light unsprung mass implies a lighter car, better performance during braking and acceleration, and a better fuel consumption.


We are aware that alloy wheels increase performance and comfort while driving, for this reason we concentrate closely on productive quality for our car rims. Aluminium alloy is a good conductor of thermal energy, this feature allows an optimal dispersion of the heat produced during braking. Thanks to the material used for the productive process, we are able to design our wheels so that air can easily access the rim structure, and cool down the disc brake. A further advantage of an alloy wheel is rigidity.


Available: 15,16 or 17 inch version

Elegance, design, performance are the key-concepts that summarize the NIU S model.

Linear elegance, clean shapes and attention to every detail

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Available: 16,17 or 18 inch version

D series is manufactured employing light alloy metal, and produced with strong attention to details.

Light and durable

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Available: 14,15,16,17 or 18 inch version

Fifteen tapered and slender spokes are the distinctive characteristics of these series.

Elegance and simplicity

Discover the M series


Available: 17,18,19 or 20 inch version

An intricate pattern of tapered and narrow spokes characterizes the NIU-Y series.

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NIU Wolfsburg

Available: 16" or 17"


The Wolfsburg model, created for Volkswagen cars, distinguishes itself for its wide split spokes

Discover NIU Wolfsburg

NIU Ingolstadt

Available: 17",18" or 19"


This line of alloy wheels for AUDI cars is named after the Bavarian city of Ingolstadt (where AUDI has its headquarter).

Discover the NIU Ingolstadt

NIU Bayern

Available: 17, 18 or 19"


The Niu-Bayern model is a lightweight alloy wheel for BMW cars

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NIU Stuttgart

Available 17" or 18"


The classic and elegant design of this alloy wheel for Mercedes cars is going to match perfectly with the elegant design of the car

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